Augmented Reality

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Ever walked into a tree while posting that crucial Facebook status update, or liking your friends latest selfie? No? Me either. Apparently there are people who have…

Check out this app which helps you do both at once, and never miss an important Tweet ever again 😉

This app is about 2 years old now and it’s fair to say it hasn’t gone viral, but of course it does have great potential, especially when combined with GPS tracking and the myriad of other location based information out there on the Internet. Overlaying real time pictures, with other graphics and text based information, based on your location, and what you’re looking at is now completely plausible.

In fact, it is what is known as augmented reality. Augmented Reality, is a reality that is added to, enhanced, by a computer. It’s not Virtual Reality, whereby the reality you experience is completely synthesized by a computer.

So, it’s driving conditions, shopping information, restaurant reviews and ratings, location of friends, overlaying and interacting with information your device is “seeing” or sensing in real life (and real time). Augmented Reality will continue to evolve and further change the way we navigate, shop and experience tourist attractions. Imagine too the way it will change spectator sports. You won’t need a leader-board at the Golf, just hold you phone up in the air, the leader-board can be superimposed over the view you have, stats of the player you’re watching and his optimal path to the green all laid out in front of you. Of course this applies to any sport. Forget about supplements sagas, what happens when the players start to take advantage of the capabilities here?

There’s actually a very popular TED talk on that very topic – very interesting.

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