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Todays Post comes directly from Lexi Bishop (above) from lexibishop.com and I couldn’t agree with it more

You can check it out below

Have a great week … Marcus


Yep! I’m on your side. You’re right. That excuse you have is TOTALLY justifiable. And DEFINITELY true. And exactly why you CANNOT do what you want to do. I agree!! 100%…

Buuutttt, the opposite is also true. SHIT! I know, I’m sorry… But, it is.

Let me explain… At first described by Protagoras (handsome sturdy man, Google him!) of Ancient Greece, humans, all humans (that’s you!) naïvely presumes their own perception, opinions and understanding of life are real, true, and totally 100% factual. Which in turn means, if someone has the opposite opinion, or a difference in understanding, they are immediately considered wrong, or ignorant.

How narcissistic of us humans!! The vanity of our dearest ego has a HUGE vested interest in being ‘right’. During our conversations, instead of sitting with the intention of understanding the other persons point of view and being totally present with them, we decide immediately if a) we agree or b) we disagree, and if we do disagree, we begin to conjure up our intellectual factual eloquent response in debate, whilst we’re pretending to listen!!! Tsk tsk tsk…. Humans…


What? Sorry I wasn’t listening.

I was just thinking about how wrong you are…


When looked at judiciously, our opinions are basically worthless. Including this one. (NO WAY MAN!! THIS ONE IS THE REALEST OF ALL OPINIONS!!!!) In the words of my main man Dr. David Hawkins, he powerfully proposes ‘all opinions are vanities with no intrinsic value and are actually the result of ignorance’.


**My jaded opinionated ego just took a gigantic gulp**


Refer to article ‘Is the Illusion a Delusion? Or a Delusion the Illusion?’ for more on this specific subject.


To tie this in with your excuse; your excuse is merely an opinion. One opinion, of thousands of opinions. Of all the programs our mind offers, opinions are by far the most dangerous. They are super charged with emotions triggering (among so many other things) opposition, disagreement and positionality.

So, we assemble with our friends, (whom by the way, we chose based on THEIR opinions. You agree; friend. You disagree; foe.) and share with them our excuse, and THEY AGREE (of course they do)… We feel good. Our position is justified, and we can continue to live at effect and safely constrained by our story….


Phew! Almost had to take responsibility for my position.


Because of the innate structure of the mind, we simply and unequivocally cannot distinguish perception from essence. (Rene Descartes: ‘res cogitans y res extensa’)

In other words, the conflict exists in the mind of the observer (you) and not in that which is observed… Your excuse may be perceived as real, but it is also totally un-real.

Frightening, especially if you’ve invested YEARS of telling yourself the same excuse over and over and over again as to WHY you cannot get to where you want to go.

One simply cannot hold onto the excuse and transcend the opposite (the thing you actually want…). You cannot agree with your excuse, and get to where you want to go.

Step 1: Recognise that your excuse is JUST AN EXCUSE. And is NOT the actual ‘reality’ of the situation. This is key.

Step 2: Go do shit.

You want to hear something messed up? We would much rather tell ourselves an excuse (a lie) as to why we cannot get to where we want to go, than attempt to get to where we want to go in the fear of failure.


Did anyone else punch themselves in the face then?


I say this as a way to crack open the glass box in which our mind is confined. If I may bring a smidge of light to your world today, let it be this…

Once the mind and ego penetrates through it own self-infatuation, it will recognize the excuse is simply an attempt to protect the identity of the self (which is illusive…).

We really are our own worst enemy.

We deliberately throw hurdles in our own way, in fear of having to experience the humiliation of potentially not crossing the finish line.

We stop ourselves before we even try.

Is this not dying before our actual death?

Yes, our excuses seem real. Our brain willingly organizes all perceptions to prove the excuse is real, and it is. ALL excuses are real and can be justifiable. But the opposite is also true.

Be assured, as real as your excuse may be, it will not improve your life.

You are not a tree (sort of…). You can change the world in which you live in a split second when you recognize the absurdity of telling yourself these excuses.

Let me ask you, would you not rather at least try until you die for what you want? Than deliberately stop yourself from even beginning?

Would you rather not wear the wounds as a result of fighting for what you love, than wear the weight of regret for being too fearful to even begin?

Stop blaming your damn excuses, get off your butt and go fucking live. Next time you hear an excuse, either from you or someone else, recognize its fallacious core. YES it’s justifiable, but NO it’s not the reality.

There are infinite perspectives to every senario, only you can choose which to believe in.

As my amazing mother says: “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” If you’re going to feel discomfort on your deathbed, be it because your undies are too tight, and not because you wasted your entire life getting in your own-damn-way.

You got one shot, but it’s never too late to reload.

(You actually have heaps of shots, but it sounded cool and dramatic so I rolled with it. Every moment is your chance… and we’re gifted with MANY, MANY moments… But only one life. Make it count.)


Most people don’t want the truth.

They just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.

…And I’m the chick who just burst your bubble.




Here’s a little something I prepared earlier, my gear stick for life navigation.




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