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Robots as autonomous sentient beings have long been the focus of many science-fiction, horror and thriller movies and books. Every type of conceivable robot has been thought up – from Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy franchise; the Positronic Brain powered Sonny from the movie adaptation of Isacc Asimov’s book “i Robot”, to some of the scariest things from my childhood – the Daleks from Doctor Who and the super scary Maximillian from “The Black Hole” classic from the 70’s.

Thanks to a crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo the first true AI based companion robot is now available – Introducing BUDDY.

Introducing - Buddy the companion robot.

BUDDY is the revolutionary companion robot that improves your everyday life. Open source and easy to use, BUDDY protects your home, entertains your kids, & helps you stay connected with the ones you love.

AI, facial recognition, voice to text, and text to voice functionality and smart navigation are all built in features. BUDDY is a personal assistant, a roving security system, a hands-free media player and recipe book, and a playmate for the kids. Using smile and facial recognition, BUDDY can also be your event photographer, and it can then post to social media, or send the photos as attachments to emails or text messages.

Imagine being worried about your aged mother or grandmother, and having BUDDY find them anywhere in the house when you ring them, and if they don’t answer, being able to take over BUDDY and remotely control him to search the house remotely room by room to make sure they are safe.

Buddy Features

Built in batteries give BUDDY  8 – 10 hours of continuous use, and as it detects the batteries need charging it will return itself to its charging station and self-charge. It’s like having a really shiny dog or cat with no feeding or poop to clean up. It’s a win-win situation.

More information and ordering details are available from the Blue Frog Robotics website.

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