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Many years ago at the first user group meeting Constructor ever held, the prospect of online forums, discussion groups, and a “self help” style web site was raised. As a direct result of that discussion our initial “Community” site was launched.

While membership on that site grew quickly, active participation remained quite low. Online discussion was still a foreign to the building community. Social media was still gaining momentum. Activity on the Constructor Community site in its original form soon waned.

Knowledge baseOne section of the site the did prosper however, The Knowledge Base. This was a repository for short, single purpose “documents” – “how to” articles and notes explaining a single concept. Our support staff could point you in the right direction for more detail concepts and issues they may be been discussing on the phone or via email. Many people continued to join the “Community” site just to gain access to a knowledge base document or two.

So with tumble weeds scattered throughout all but the knowledge base section of our community site and the “News” section of our main web site providing us with a far better alternative to the Community site blog pages, it was time for a face-lift.

In the past few months, our old Community site has made way for a new “Support” site.  The poster child for the support site?  Our on-line knowledge base.

When you visit, the page you land on, is in fact the main Knowledge Base page. You will see a limited list of articles, categorised into Constructor’s broad functional categories – Sales – Projects (think Estimating, Budgeting, & for V3 Scheduling) and Accounting, plus, I.T. for the techies…

All articles will appear in at least one of these categories, but where there is overlap, may appear in more than one category.

But we’re not interested in leaving you to scroll through what, one day soon, will be dozens and dozens or documents (maybe even hundreds!). So you right that top you will see a large “Search Articles” field. Simply start typing some key words and watch as a reference to any matching articles appears in a list beneath your typing. Select the one you want, load the article (a PDF or maybe a video) and you’re away….

From time to time, our support staff may refer you to one of these articles also. They may tell you want to search for, or better still, email you a link directly to the article.

Printed, paper-based manuals are a thing of the past. They are usually out of date by the time they’re printed anyway, and let’s face it, to use them means finding them, and then, lots of unnecessary reading….aaarrghhh!

So, anyone is free to browse, read, print or even download, knowledge base articles. But the knowledge base is only the beginning for what we have planned for the new support site.

You will notice a “login” (and Register) option in the top right corner. You’re old login from the Community site is no longer relevant. You will need to register here, for a new login. (Just click “Register”. Enter a log in name and your email address and when you receive the confirmation email, click the link in the message to assign yourself a password.).

As mentioned above, that login is not required for browsing the knowledge base articles. In fact, it’s not even required to begin taking part in the next major portion of the support site, the online Q&A, but as we introduce this Q&A section (you’ll have to wait for next week’s post) you’ll quickly understand that logging in to the support site, will have its advantages.

So for now, feel free to browse the knowledge base articles. You might even learn something. All the articles from the old Community site have been moved across and many more will be added over the coming weeks and months.

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