Consumer Electronics Show 2016

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This years Consumer Electronics Show, presented by the Consumer Technology Association has just wound up in Las Vegas (Jan 5 – 8).

CES is the electronics and technology trade show extravaganza held in Las Vegas every January, in which electronics manufacturers show case all the latest and greatest innovations in the Tech World to retailers and the press. Some describe it as the biggest toy show on Earth, but hundreds of thousands of people flock to it, year after year.

The show first ran in 1967. The show features technological advances in all aspects of consumer electronics, from 3D Printing to Fitness and Sport, Robotics, Wearables, Health and Biotech to Electronic Gaming, or Startups, Video, Automotive Electronics, to Content Creation and Distribution and Digital Imaging. Products initially introduced at the CES include the VCR, CD player and the original Nintendo system.

The overwhelming message coming from CES 2016, is that drones, robots and uncrashable/autonomous (maybe driverless) cars are closer than many of us believe, robots will be everywhere, and sensors (and cameras) will be built into everything.

The Internet of Things is on the way too. At this years show, the Internet of Things displays no longer resided in their own segregated portion of the show room floor as the IoT was present it basically every display anyway. It no longer warrants it’s own category, but is ubiquitous amongst all technology.

ehang drone

Drones! Yes – more on them. They still really only exist in the realm of the selfie taking world traveller / surfer / mountain biker, but as the technology improves by the month, and gets cheaper, the potential of devices like the Onagofly, for producing low price instructional, sales or promotional videos will eventually be taken for granted by us all. (Given likely advances in our ability to produce rich video content on our websites in the coming years, drones will soon be – if not are already – a stock standard tool of trade in the sales and marketing, and education fields). Then there’s the Ehang Drone, a self flying drone, navigated by Google Maps, capable of transporting one human being (weighing less than 120kg) on trips of just under 25 minutes. Completely illegal in all countries, and coming in at a cost of around $200,000, Ehang still have some barriers to break down on this one, but what a concept. You gotta start somewhere right?

Advances in autonomous cars were also on display. The message continues to be that the technology is basically ready. The barrier here is trust, laws and general acceptance…

PCs and laptops aren’t dead either.  At just 12.4 mm thick, and less than 1kg, the HP Elitebook “laptop computer” has as much power as most of our servers, and can be displayed in HD on a 4K monitor!

There was some “retro-Tech” on display too. “New” turn tables, that’s right to play records – although they can now also be used to store the album contents digitally on your home network, or to the cloud.  Next,  imagine this, new cameras, with no LCD display, that will print the photo you take!  Niche markets for sure, but sometimes everything that is old, is new again.

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