Earbuds of the Future

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Earbuds of the Future

It’s certainly a sign of the times when advancements in “earbuds” attracts your attention.  Suffice to say though, these SenCbuds certainly caught my eye last week.

The SenCbuds – invented in New Zealand and currently raising capital on Indiegogo, are earbuds which are aware of your movements and can pause what you are listening to when you pause to talk, read or for whatever reason you need to take them out of your ears. As an avid Podcast listener, while commuting, I can attest to the value of this.


The deluxe model also boasts an indicator light to let those around you know, you probably can’t hear them – another major attraction for the desk jockey who likes to listen while working.

Quite an exciting prospect for Earbud wearers everywhere as long as the Office Drones can communicate with them, we’ll all be fine.


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