Understand your Business

Constructor has been built from the ground up for the Construction Business.

Track and Control your Profitability

Do you know your cost on each project by Cost centre?

Do you know your profit on each project?

Do you know your cash position on each project?

Find out how Constructor can keep you on track today!

“We've been building profitably & succesfully for 40 years because of Constructor.”

Russell Malishev - Managing Director, Malishev Group.
Know your costs

Estimate Faster

Our Estimating Software lets your estimators complete estimates hours instead of days. Jump between estimate 'snapshots' as client requirements change. Or 'branch' off existing plans to speed up your workflows!

Estimate Faster

Instantly Generate Specifications

Create your specifications with a click of a button! While estimating with Constructor, you are creating beautiful, detailed rich specification for your clients at the same time. Avoid any disputes with better documents.

Know your costs
Know your costs
Know your costs

Builders Reports

Get insights from invaluable builders reports, ranging from: Project Statements, Transaction Ledge, BOQ by Cost Center, Budget, WIP, Claim Stage, Profit Summary, Variance & much more.

BOQ Report
BOQ Report

Built for Builders

All-in-one platform

Constructor was built from the ground up with Estimators & Builders in mind. The only Australian built system to take a wholistic approach to building.

Visual Take-Off

Complete take-offs visually with our complete take-off package.

Bill Of Quantities

Build your model or BOQ on the fly with our visual take-off tool.

Snapshot & Copy Take-Offs

Save hours, by easily copying or branching from existing take-offs.


All parts of the Take-Off generate your Budgets.


Beautiful & detailed specifications are generated while completing your take-off.


Complex calucations are done without mistakes & ease of mind.

Standard Products

Quickly re-use your standard range of products to estimate client requests.

Delivery Rounding

Don't over order on materials again! Constructor will order exactly what you need.