Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a small selection of common questions regarding Constructor, if you have any other questions which are not covered on this page please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What customer support comes with Constructor?

When you purchase Constructor Maintenance Agreement you will receive

  • Unlimited personalized one on one telephone support
  • Access to all Australian Tax Office changes
  • The latest upgrades
  • Professional help with installation after hardware malfunctions
  • Access to manuals online or hard copies

Knowledge based articles & videos

Can I access Constructor from on site or home?

Yes, If you can access the Internet you can access your Constructor server data base via setting up remote access.

Can I restrict the accessing of certain sections of Constructor?

Yes, Constructor comes already set up with several sample security profile settings for your employees.

All of which can be edited to suit your business and level of security you want to grant each employee.

Can Constructor be used for small, large & volume building companies?

Yes, Constructor has many award winning builders from around Australia as customers

  • husband and wife teams,
  • renovators & extensions
  • custom builders
  • medium sized
  • sloping block specialists
  • portable homes
  • volume builders
  • Builders who are in the top 100

Constructor can grow with your business and type of construction as we are fully editable.

We are also long-time members of HIA & MBA.

Can I scan plans into Constructor?

Yes, if you receive your plans electronically then you can load them into Constructor.

If you have paper plans all you need to do is take a digital photo and load them in.

You then scale the plans in Constructor via our ScanBuild which comes with Constructor.

What makes Constructor better than the others?
  1. We are the only software in Australia that has been licensed to carry the Australian made, owned & manufactured logo.
  2. Also when you phone Constructor you will always speak to someone.
  3. We pride ourselves on providing personal support and training  by an experienced team from the building industry
What operating system does Constructor Use?

Constructor can be installed on a computer brought off the shelf, there is n special requirements needed to run Constructor.

  • Constructor uses the power of Microsoft SQL Server as it primary database.
  • All of your estimates and financials are stored in this database, to help you share data amongst your team members.
Can I install Constructor on a Mac?

Though the software cannot be loaded directly onto the MAC OS, Constructor will work, using Parallels or similar software. It emulates a Windows environment . You will need to make sure that your system meets the requirements for the Parallels software.

Basic requirements from Parallels include but are not limited to:

  • Mac OS® X Tiger 10.4 or higher running on an Intel® Mac.
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (Not Included)

Check with your IT professional to set up.

Can I use Constructor in New Zealand?

Yes,  Constructor is Suitable for New Zealand.

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