Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Constructor

Businesses who have a CRM and utilise if effectively have a higher conversion rate in their sales. Why? because information is king when gaining your potential clients trust.

CRM Software for Builders

Constructor features a fully featured, fully integrated Customer Relationship Management designed by builders for builders. Here is a short overview of our CRM functions.

  • Record and track potential, active and past client interactions.
  • Manage and record all contact with customers (emails, phone calls, visits, documentation.
  • Assign appointment tasks, notifications and reminders so you never forget an appointment.
  • Attached photos of project process, research or information provided by the client.
  • Guide the client’s decision process through to a completed build and beyond.
  • Record all client and supplier communications, quotes and variations.
  • All contact details are centrally managed.
  • Easily export your client details for marketing purposes.

The following features are built into Constructor’s accounting functionality:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in detail

The primary goal of Customer Relationship Management is to make it easy to find anything and everything you need to know about your client. This will help you look after them better.

Constructor CRM helps you realise the potential of every opportunity by guiding the process from initial enquiry to satisfied new client.

Our CRM can track potential, active, and past client interactions. Assign tasks, notifications and reminders so you never forget an appointment or request.  Guide the client’s decision process through to a completed build and beyond.

All contact details are centrally managed and every item of correspondence is kept at your fingertips.

Constructor CRM can be personalised to suit your business and will take care of all your customer communications – be they emails, letters, faxes, permits, requirements, designs, quotes, variations or specifications.

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This image shows an example of an Accounts Payable Invoice overview.

CRM Video Overview

Construction Business Management Software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business, have a close look at our Accounting features and then give us a call if you want a demo.

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