Estimating with Constructor

Constructor’s greatest strength is the Estimating function and how it integrates with all other features of Constructor.

Estimating Software for Builders

The estimating process is formula based and comes already setup with components, formulas and price links in a sample database. This means that the software does all the calculation for you by multiplying the take-off quantities by the items in the formulas to generate a bill of quantities.

The methods to the right can be used in any combination. The formulas and estimating menu are also totally customisable with new formulas easily created with Constructor’s unique Copy Wizards that use existing formulas as templates. Similarly, new components are easily created using existing components as templates. An easy to use copy to create function allows you to quickly create new components in the database on the fly.

Bill of Quantity Methods

Constructor provides a choice of methods when generating a bill of quantities:

  • ScanBuild – Perform a Quantity takeoff from a scanned image (plan) where areas, linear measurements or quantities are taken from a scaled image using the mouse.
  • AutoBuild – Using an estimating menu, method quantities are entered against formulas in an “automated spreadsheet” design. Quantities are manually derived from the plan.
  • A “stick by stick” method  where you manually add each component and quantity. This may be used in conjunction with either of the above methods (1 or 2) to provide totally flexible estimating.
  • “Budget estimating” – simply entering dollars into cost centres. Useful for sub-contract sums or one-off project requirements. Eg Prime Cost (PC) items

Estimating Software for Builders

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Constructor provides the ability to keep track of how the project’s actual costs compare with the project budget. This gives you total control by providing you with information on whether the project is under or over budget and which cost centre or component is responsible for the variance. This information may then be fed back into estimating to fine tune you’re quoting. Constructor also allows manual budgeting if you require.

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Once a client has agreed and signed their contract, the only way to adjust the budget is to process a variation. Constructor allows you to estimate the cost of the variation or to enter a calculated amount. The system produces the documentation for client and supervisor signatures. Variations amend the project budget, purchase orders and contract sums accordingly. Variations can be emailed or faxed directly from Constructor using integration with Microsoft Outlook.

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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders may be generated automatically from the bill of quantities or manually input depending upon your business requirements. Using the “Order Wizard” will automatically create purchase orders without operator input. You may alter details on POs at any time prior to printing, emailing or faxing them to suppliers. Manual PO creation is available in addition to the wizard, or for those clients who do not use the estimating system. Purchase Orders provide an essential link between estimating and the integrated accounting system, as well as providing an entirely new level of cost control and reporting.

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Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

Generates a bill of quantities, both by formula (the estimating model) and by cost centre (trades dissection). You can instantly see the cost of the entire project, an individual cost centre, or an individual component.

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Constructor provides reports that are meaningful to builders. A multitude of reports exist. You can export reports direct to Excel spreadsheet for data manipulation or analysis, Acrobat (PDF) for emailing, and many other file formats.

Estimating Video Overview

Construction Business Management Software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business, have a close look at our Estimating features and then give us a call or book online if you want a demo.

Estimating in more detail

Variations… explained

Purchase Orders… explained

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