Conquering the world renowned Overland Track in Tasmania.

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Recently Cameron Pearce – one of our in-house software developers here at Constructor Software went hiking in Tasmania’s beautiful Cradle Mountain national park. Cameron shares his experience with us here.


A rather intrepid group of friends, consisting of a warehouse manager, chef, accountant, and a software developer, set off in late February in Tasmania for some hiking. Our skills were different, but the goal was the same – to conquer the world renowned Overland Track in Tasmania.

Overland Track 1

The plan was to cover over 90 km in 8 days, so with excitement about what laid ahead and the knowledge that with every step we took, was one more step away from the masses, we set out, with 25 kg + on most of our backs – we weren’t exactly roughing it though, with Chicken burritos, Swedish meatballs, Port, and Jelly among the items we were planning on consuming.

A number of mountains were climbed during our eight days on the infamous track, including the often photographed Cradle Mountain – although the views can be great from the top, all we got to see was the clouds that we were covered in. Later on in the trip, however,, we were presented with the opportunity to climb Tasmania’s highest Mountain – Mt Ossa – standing at 1617 metres. As all involved had climbed this mountain at least once before (myself having climbed it 3 times), the decision was made to climb the mountain next to it, Mt Pelion East, standing at a smaller 1433 metres. The weather for this, unlike when climbing Cradle Mountain, was perfect, with barely a cloud in the sky. (On a more important note – Phone reception is possible from the top of most mountains on the track).

Overland Track 2

Overland Track 3

Our night times consisted of taking off our boots (such a great feeling after hiking all day), chatting to a lot of the other travelers on the track about the days accomplishments, getting the tents set up, cooking and eating dinner, followed by card games and eventually of course, sleep.

overland track 4

On the seventh (2nd last) day of hiking, with the weather moving in (it was reported that we were in for a lot of rain – about 5 – 15mm), it was decided to push further and finish that day, with an additional 10 km of hiking to be done.

We phoned ahead to ensure that we had a dry place to sleep, and finished that day – wet, cold and hungry, but at least we could wash and dry ourselves properly, and could also get a bite to eat that didn’t involve us cooking it ourselves. Exhausted, but feeling accomplished we slept well that night and reflected on what we had accomplished.

Overland track 5

“When you go out there you don’t get away from it all, you get back to it all. You come home to what’s important. You come home to yourself”

– Peter Dombrovskis

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