If This Then That is still growing

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I’ve posted here before about an Internet site called If This Then That (www.ifttt.com) and its ability to link together and automate so many of your online accounts and services. IFTT T quietly goes about its business, sending files to your drop box, posting to social media on your behalf, storing photos, tweeting, whatever you want it to do.

Just for a quick recap, you create recipes, describing what to watch out for online, and what to do if it happens. Watch for Facebook posts I’m tagged in and SMS me. These receipts make use of Channels – automatable online services like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, and so on. The channels are growing.

Recently added channels, have the ability to interact with your devices, and if you’re willing to turn on your locations services, you have have your Android or Apple device really working hard for you.

We now have the ability to turn off or on sound on your phone automatically based on your location, block interactions between certain times or while at given locations, send texts when you enter or leave a location, the list goes on and is limited to your imagination.

Just remember to turn off your phone when you get to the pub!

Do your self a favour and check out IFTTT.com if you haven’t already. Spend a bit of time planning some automation and see what it can do for you.


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