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“Wearable Tech” has been a buzz word flying around the Internet, mostly coming out of Silicon Valley for several years now.
Embedding technology into everyday things has been around since “they blew our minds” by inserting a digital clock in a pen back in about 1980! How cool was that?


A pen watch – hot technology in 1980!

Seriously my Dad said, “if you need to know the time you can look at a clock.” My Dad just returned from a trip to Europe from which we received regular SMS messages and on which he completely filled the SD card of his digital camera, not to mention the photos taken on the iPad, or the regular Facebook updates, – he’s coming around to the clock embedded in his pen too.

Silicon Valley and the geeks support all sorts of new technologies, just because it’s cool. They have a huge fear of missing out (on the next big thing) and therefore put up with some pretty ordinary technologies, just because it’s there. Some technolgists also completely understand that the next new fad they are embracing, isn’t necessarily “the answer”, but is in fact an important step on the way to the next big thing.
The Google Glass

The Google Glass

Google Glass is a perfect example of this. I don’t think the star trek style, Google Glass is going to see any wide spread adoption outside Silicon Valley, but I do think it is indisputable that the technologies and the concepts that it proves are feasible  are going to shape the world over the next decade and probably beyond that. Be it augmented reality – providing customised, personalised services to you, on demand, based on data unique to you at a given moment in time, be it the health and fitness ramifications of wearing a computer 24 hours a day, or the always on, social networking and communication capabilities of these devices, or whatever other applications  can be dreamt up – wearable technology is going to change our lives, like automobiles, television, email and mobile phones have in the past.

This brings me to Apple’s recent launch of the new iWatch and the Samsung equivalent.
In a watch, now capable of running mobile / tablet style apps, albeit requiring some usability enhancements, I feel they’ve found a device capable of receiving widespread adoption. You don’t have to look like a freak while wearing it, you don’t even have to draw attention to yourself, and as soon as the killer apps start appearing, giving people a story to tell themselves about why the need one, I think we’re ready for this wearable technology to start becoming ubiquitous  – the most widely adopted of there wearable tech that Silicon Valley has been experimenting with for years now.
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