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To secure something, it must be locked from the inside, with the insiders deciding who gets in.

Once you make a way in, from the outside, you have to assume outsiders will find it. You are no longer secure.

Secure your business

A much respected I.T. Manager (let’s call him Gavin – because that is his name) I used to work for, would explain it with what is now a possibly politically incorrect analogy – You build a fort to keep the Indians out, but if they are already living inside, it doesn’t matter how strong the walls are because they can just open the gates.

What this meant, in a business context was, don’t rely only of the most sophisticated security technology, make sure basic knowledge and common sense still exist inside, so you aren’t fighting battles both inside and outside your fort (organisation). The best security systems known to man won’t work if you leave the gate open.

And the best tool for this?  The job interview! Make sure you know and trust who’s coming in, with the keys to your kingdom.

I was a bit inspired this week when I read – an analogy between airline security and Apple v FBI and I recalled Gavin’s teachings.

This beautifully written article concludes that while neither solution is perfect, it is only truly secure to leave control of access to a plane’s cockpit to those on the inside. Once it’s handed to someone outside, well, it’s out! This analogy is then drawn to the current Apple case where the FBI is trying to force them to build a one off update, for a one off mobile phone, to allow it to be opened in order to access the private information of a deceased, criminal.

Apple’s point, we can’t let you in, without letting everybody in. The precedence this creates, once the genie is out of the bottle, could be unstoppable, and far more harmful than any national security gain the FBI is chasing.

If you want to delve further into the Apple security conundrum, have a listen to this Tech Stuff podcast, which raises some very interesting issue on the matter. (

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