Life comes with the problems built in

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Life comes with the problems built in and people will let you down.  There i said it!  Being let down by others and experiencing problems is a daily occurrence.  I used to (and still do at times) experience a lot of frustration in struggling with this reality.  The irrefutable gap between my views on how life is “supposed to be” and the reality of how it actually is.
One of the things that I find triggers me especially, is when noticing the gap between what someone tells me they will do and their actual behavior.  But getting frustrated with this serves no one.  If their standards for themselves are that their words and behaviors don’t need to match, then that is up to them.
Yes this comes at a cost to you often and yes it is undeniable that this trait will have hampered them in their life in so many ways (many of which they will not even be aware of), however the only productive thing you can do, is ensure when it comes to you, your words and your actions are indeed a match … always.
Use what triggers you as fuel for knowing how you’d like to behave better yourself and what you choose to stand for in this world.  As the late, great Jim Rohn says – don’t wish it were easier.  Wish you were better.
Have a great week … Marcus
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