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I was thinking over the weekend how lost I would be without the mentors in my life. As the caption depicts, they unlock the precious mindset tools that you have always had trapped up in there!

I am so fortunate to have several mentors each whom bring something of wonderful value to my life. I have mentors in I.T., mentors in Network Marketing, Mentors in business, mentors in coaching and mentors in life. To complete this exchange of energy, I am equally blessed to have those in my life whom seek my mentorship. The more I get mentored the more effectively I can assist those I care about – including me!

I could give so many examples of this and the one front of mind is what happens today. Every 2nd Monday while walking on my lunch break I have a 15(ish) min chat to a guy named John whom is an amazing ‘values match’ and on the same path as me – only far further along it. Through John I can see the road ahead with so much more clarity. It becomes almost like I have travelled it myself. I still don’t know the territory, but at least I have a map of the terrain and so it now takes on an air of familiarity. This of course breeds confidence in tackling the next step.

Mentors are one of the biggest blessings I know in this world. I treasure my mentors and there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for these beautiful people.

Have a wonderful week … Marcus


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