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Time Circuits are on! Flux capacitor..."fluxing"

Time Circuits are on! Flux capacitor…”fluxing”

Great Scott! Just as predicted back in 1989 in the all time great movie trilogy, Back to the Future, the Cubs could just be on their way to winning their first World Series since 1908. So where’s my hoverboard and where’s my flying car?

Tomorrow is October 21st 2015 and for all those Gen Xers out there (ok maybe those slightly geeky Gen Xers) it’s Back to the Future Day. It’s the day on which the 1985 version of Marty McFly, arrives in his hover converted flying Delorian, to save his family from ruin, ride a hover board, hydrate some pizza and pick himself up the Gray’s Sports Almanac!

But besides the Cubs and the World Series thing… what other predictions did the movie get right, and wrong? Well Hover boards are certainly not common place just yet, and I’m yet to hyrdate a pizza.  Many would agree though, we have reached a point where there are thousands of TV stations to choose from , and still nothing good to watch, weather prediction is pretty good, but we’re yet to abolish all lawyers, and as for the wearable technology depicted in the movie, well the Google Glass hasn’t missed the mark by too much.

BTTF Hover BoardBack To The Future parties are springing up all over the world (USA in particular) with special one day screenings of Back To The Future II taking place in New York, reuniting cast members.

For a light-hearted look at what the movie got right, and wrong (and some passionate comments by the fans) check out

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