Self Sabotage will kill momentum

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A question I get asked a lot is: “how do I know if I am participating in self sabotage”?

Our forefathers were hunter and gatherers and so are we. Whilst they hunted and gathered food and shelter etc we are busy every day ‘hunting and gathering’ evidence. Evidence why a person / situation / opportunity will succeed or fail.

In his seminal book “Flow” Hungarian biologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi asserted that there are 2 million bits of information that come to us each second. Now of course it is impossible to filter in all of that, so in order to “get our heads around it” we Delete, Distort and Generalize (DDG) it down to approximately 7 chunks of information (+/- 2) .

What this means is, we have to be very aware what our overarching point of view on a given person / situation / opportunity is. Because if we want it to succeed or fail we will surely ‘hunt and gather’ and DDG to support our bigger picture view.

Back to self sabotage. If you are busy hunting and gathering and DDG’n evidence for why something will fail and that something doesn’t serve you, then this is a healthy mental state and very resourceful in making good decisions in your life. However if the thing that you are hunting and gathering and DDG’n evidence of failure on is something that will serve you then you have a mis match. Your actively dissuading yourself from your goals / dreams and ambitions.

Why is this important? Because being aware of this pattern allows you to investigate what you’re doing and, if you so choose, then allows you to get out of your own way and let the success and blessing flow into your life.

The key thing here is that only you truly know what serves you in your life and what does not. No one else will know your hearts desire for your life the way you do, so no one else is qualified to answer this question of self sabotage for you. Therefore that answer to the opening question of “am I participating in self sabotage” is, as with most things, found with honest self enquiry within.

Trust this helps someone and have a great week … Marcus

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