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Business management programs can greatly facilitate the handling of the financial and administrative aspects of construction work, by providing features such as computerized accounting processes and standardized formulas for estimations.

The advantages of such standardized computer management are readily apparent in the construction sector, which, as highlighted by recent tax probes in the UK, often come under increased scrutiny from revenue authorities due to the complex and sometimes irregular nature of the industry’s work conditions.

Mr Carrasco also pointed out that the internet has made clients much more knowledgeable about building practices, forcing builders themselves to step up their game and constantly expand their own skill base.

“What we are finding is that clients are more savvy before approaching builders. They do their own research online, conducting Google searches before looking to build their own bathrooms,” he said.

“Clients are no longer approaching builders and just asking them to build the Australian dream for them. They know just what Australian dream they want, and are asking builders to make it to specification.”

By Marc Howe  – Construction Source

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