Todays tip comes from blogger Petra Foster who writes:


Decision making can be a difficult task, especially when going through a period of change, within business or personal life. Indecisiveness can lead to you being stuck, mentally and financially if you cant make the right decision for yourself or your business. What does it take to make a decision, especially of your an entrepreneur and so may ideas and skills and you don’t know where to start.

What i think may go against popular opinion but hey these are my thoughts and i own them. These are related to business although we know that your personal life is a direct link to the success of your business.

Take responsibility, think about your decisions and stick to them.When you are serving the right audience, you will be paid your worth because you are giving your best self and most importantly you will be living your purpose, unleashing your expertise, attracting the right clients.

When you begin to take responsibility many things will become available to you.

  • You will be respected by your peers and audience
  • STOP playing the victim, things don’t always go according to plan
  • Identify immediately what you can do differently and JUST DO IT
  • Commit to a course of action for 30 days

Take action on decision making, make an impact and begin to develop your personal brand in your chosen field

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