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Ever feel like you are constantly chasing time?  That there is never enough of it and that it is always getting away from you?  As someone juggling a full time job, a study course and two businesses I can relate!  I thought I’d share below three things that allow me to manage my load.


  • Segment tasks by clearly wearing different hats.  When you are doing something, do that thing with 100% of you.  Be fully present to that thing and devote all of your energy to it.  Immerse completely into it as though it is the only thing that matters in your world.  Divide your day / week into “chunks” and spend a chunk of time on thing “x” and then a chunk of time on thing “y” etc.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted or taken off track by “shinny thing syndrome”
  • Discipline.  There is no getting around it.  All my readings on all the greats that have gone before us and those whom are in our current generation, have lead me to conclude that they all have one thing in common – they exercise discipline.  It has been said:  “There are two hardships in life: regret and discipline … discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons”.  This ties into the above as once you set up your schedule as to how you will chunk your time, you then need to have discipline in the execution.  If you put off voluntarily introducing beneficial hardships into your life, life itself will become hard.  Welcome the challenge and be disciplined in your follow through
  • Delayed gratification.  To maximize your time, decide on what is most important to you in the medium / long term and and then choose to invest time now into a task that will free up an abundance of time for you in the future.  There are many time investments that we can make now that have enormous payoffs in terms of saving time for us down the track.  Identify what these are and lock into them.
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