How much data can YOU afford to lose?

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Backing up your Data & Files – Why it is Important?

Recently our support team has had several calls to help restore hours, days and even months of lost work after computer system crashes. Not all or the calls ended happily. Why? – because not everyone understands how important it is to run REGULAR backups.

Having backup copies of your most important data stored in a remote location keeps it safe in case anything happens to your server, laptop or tablet.

When you think about it there are a number of ways files can be lost unexpectedly…

Software Crashes
  • Always happen when you least need it, and can lead to data loss.
Virus Attach or being hijacked by a Trojan
  • Aggressive malicious viruses can corrupt files and disable computers.
Hardware failure
  • Hard drives have a finite lifetime and can fail suddenly, without warning; or over a period of time that can be both unexplained and unpredictable. The sudden death of a hard drive can cause the painful loss of months or years of irreplaceable data and the timing can be catastrophic – it could make your life a nightmare – and in the worst case scenario – close your business.
Physical Damage
  • Your files are more at risk if you use a laptop or a tablet. Light and portable comes at the price of reduced durability. Portable devices are sensitive and are easily damaged if dropped or in many cases have drinks or other liquids spilled over them.
  • Even with the cost of computers dropping hugely in recent times, laptops, desktop PC’s and tablets are sought after by thieves because they are easy to dispose of and cannot always be kept secure whilst travelling.


The bottom line is that if you value what’s kept on your computer, it’s wise to take steps to protect your information from sudden loss.  Work can be redone, but at what cost to your business???

Many users regularly back up their files to their computer hard drive, but in the event of a total computer breakdown, this will not protect the information.  Saving data to a separate location makes far more sense, and can be easily done if you have an external hard drive or a large-capacity USB drive to back up onto.

However, this method is only as secure as the device you’re backing up to. When saving your files on physical devices, your backup device needs to be kept in a different location than your computer, and can in turn fall victim to damage or loss. In addition, despite your best intentions, you may forget to copy your files as often as you should, leaving a large amount of recent work unprotected.

The solution is very simple

Back up regularly – Store the backups – Off site – Preferably in a secure location

Failure to do so may result in you losing valuable data, time and potentially causing a huge financial burden to your business.

In most circumstances, data loss is irreversible, and unless you have a current backup to restore, you have potentially lost all your valuable, irreplaceable create regular backups

Constructor Server Manager can schedule regular backups of you business crucial data. Please talk to your system administrator to ensure that your data is backed up regularly.

For more details, or for assistance schedule or restore a backup – please contact Constructor support on 05 5221 4900.

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