Support & Maintenance

Support for our Constructor clients includes a number of options, please choose from our options below which best suit your need.

Do you have a Constructor Maintenance Agreement?

All new Constructor clients must sign up for a minimum period of 36 months to our maintenance agreement. Maintenance includes unlimited Support (ie: no maximum number of calls, contacts or hours) and access to all bug fixes, enhancements and upgrades to software.

By signing up for Constructor’s Maintenance Agreement you will received Constructor’s personal one on one support and training provided by our experienced team from the building industry.

Our Support Team operates from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. We can arrange a callback to our Australia and New Zealand clients. Most of our client’s issues are resolved with our remote connection services, where a member of our team with your permission will live connect to your computer and fix the problem on the spot.

An active Constructor Maintenance Agreement gives you the following services:

  • The latest features, enhancements & new product offerings
  • Personal phone support & Assistance
  • Assistance with protecting your data
  • Access to knowledge base articles and videos
  • Access to manuals online or hard copies
  • Professional help with installation after hardware malfunctions
  • An up to date business tool in an ever changing I.T. world
  • Payable monthly via direct debit

The Constructor Maintenance Agreements ensure that you receive all fully tested system updates and enhancements on a regular basis. This is as vital for running your business as any insurance policy!

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