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The saying goes that: “If you always do what I have always done, you’ll always get what you have always got”.  With this in mind, it is really worthwhile to review the areas of your life that aren’t playing out quite the way that you’d like them to.

What is it that you have been doing that has seen you arrive at the place you are currently and what is it that you could be doing differently?  What are the alternate choices you could make right here and now that would open up the chance for you to make a really impacting change?

And of course, when you make changes in your own world for the betterment of you – and start making inroads to becoming your own greatest inspiration – you are also enriching the lives of those around you.  It is an initially selfish act that has a massively long term selfless impact.  For those whom truly love you will shine all the brighter as you illuminate them with your own increased shine.

If you are getting outstanding results in all areas of your life then pay this no attention.  If, however, there is a “blind spot” for you and you’d like to address it, then give yourself a great gift by choosing to get really honest with yourself and then choosing to take a chance to do something new and bring about real change in your own life and, by blissful inference, those you care about.


Have a great week … Marcus

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