The Weight of Words

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We live in a world of words. Written words and spoken words.  Scrolling through Facebook and all the words on the screen, the latest blog posts written in our favorite groups, articles, heck even this very post are all examples of written words!  Then, of course, we have the spoken words heard and delivered.

We have words coming at us at an unprecedented rate.

There is a responsibility, therefore, to choose what to absorb and also what to share.  To be judicious with our incoming and outgoing words.

A simple rule of thumb I go by is to ponder: “Is what I am about to say adding value to this situation / discussion / person before me”.  Add enough value to enough situations / people and you’ll be regarded as valuable!  Simple!

With regards to the words coming at you, what of the words that nag you and gnaw at you trying to draw you into an unresourceful reaction?  Well, sometimes your response of considered silence carries with it a real strength and dignity… far more powerful and compelling than any reactive words you could say.

Have a great week as you be watchful with your words … Marcus


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