Trust is a Must in the building Industry

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The topic of trust came up over the weekend.  Interestingly it is thought that we must first trust ourselves completely in order to be able to trust others and the world at large.  Our outer world will reflect our inner world and so if we find that we are constantly letting ourselves down by not living up to our word, then we will assume that others will let us down also.  Conversely by always doing what we say ie “our word is our bond”, we foster strong levels of self trust and find ourselves more able to trust the world at large and be trusted by those we come into contact with.
Specifically for the Building Industry this is massive. It is thought that the decision to build a home (after getting married and having kids) is the third biggest decision an individual will make!  With this being the case it is imperative that the client trusts that your Estimate is thorough and that your final estimated price is fair.
As with most things it all starts from within.  With self trust by always holding true to your own word to yourself and then the word you give out to others
Have a great week … Marcus
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