USB power chargers for families with teenagers

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One of the primary sources of arguments at my place, with a teenage boy and an almost teenage boy, is who had the iPod, iPad, iPhone, camera, Android, insert almost any other device name here, charger last. Where’s the cable, where’s the adapter?  Where can I plug this in? Get out, I was charging mine there first!

And I’ve tried all the life hacker tricks, with paper and bulldog clips keeping cords neat and organised, with varying degrees of success.

Now, I want one of these! The thing can provide power to 60, USB cables. You still need the cables, but no adapters, and keeping things organised should be easier than cable ties, rubber bands and bulldog clips.

USB Power device for builders

This PC style power supply, can charge 60 devices at a time. With the current proliferation of USB powered devices – every home should have one. (20 and 40 port models are also available. You’re looking at about $130 US for the device pictured here.

By the way, if you’re thinking about cleaning up that USB power charging debacle on the kitchen bench, but this device is overkill, take a look at some every day, simple solutions available on eBay right now – here.

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