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The make up of the client and supplier entities in Constructor V3 has been restructured for ultimate flexibiity as well as to record and highlight your overall exposure to, or connections with individual people.

When it comes to recording details of clients and suppliers, Constructor will work the way you need to work.

Where a customer is simply a couple or a family, you simply record the details and contact information for each person. You can enter as much or as little contact information as you know about each person. Should there be other parties to the relationship, simply enter those too.  Where the people represent a company, a unit trust or some other legal structure, you still record each person’s details then simply record that entity’s information (essentially name and other administrative details, over arching the names and details of all the people involved). Separate contact information maybe available for the entity in its own right, and this is catered for too.

Constructor gives you the power to indicate which parties wish to receive correspondence, who is the main party to the contract, the order their names ought to appear in formal and informal salutations and which contact information is the most relevant for this entity (customer or supplier).

Should you be dealing with a company and not have any personal contacts, that’s fine too, just enter the company name and be done with it.

Another powerful advantage relating to the client and supplier information stored within Constructor Version 3, is that the system will recognise when you are entering the details of a person you already know about and allow you to quickly and simply re-use those details.

Suppliers work in exactly the same way as clients however the emphasis on the overriding information relating to the entity’s name and so on is slightly stronger.


Client Structure

Clients group any number of people together


So in summary, Clients and Suppliers are collections of people. The contact information for those people can serve as the contact information for the client / supplier, or separate contact information can entered for the client / supplier entity itself in order to override the individual people.


Adding person to client

Adding each person’s contact details to a client


The same principles are used when employees and system users are created. Of course, these can only represent one person, but if that one person is already entered into Constructor the details will be found.


Here’s a short (less than 10 minutes) overview video showing how clients are created and a glimpse into the power of the new client and supplier structure in Constructor Version 3.

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