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Statistics gathered from over 3800 US government websites, using analytics software custom built by Google indicate that Desktop computing and Microsoft operating systems may not be a “dead” as many would like to believe. 

There is a fairly noisy anti-Microsoft movement (I.T. techy types probably the most outspoken on that issue) that loves to point out the Microsoft is dead, Windows is gone and [insert new technology of your choice] is here to take over.

Recent findings might indicate differently.Broken Screen

Interestingly, despite claims from some many leading software companies with products of their own to push, real world users (particularly businesses) still use predominantly desktop computers and by far most of those computers still run Microsoft operating systems.

Desktop computers constitute over 67% of traffic to the 3800 websites analysed (many of them among the most widely used consumer sites in the US, such as weather and IRS queries). Microsoft Windows still holds a healthy 86% of the share of PC operating systems in Apple’s strongest market – the U.S.

With the “end of life” of Windows XP (meaning Microsoft no longer support it or provide security updates) Windows 7 has rocketed to the top, boasting 71% of all the Windows operating systems. Windows 8 is also becoming more significant.

So take it with a grain of salt, next time someone tries to tell you “nobody’s using Windows anymore” and “everything is mobile”.

We (particularly small businesses) still all need viable, easily supportable, affordable I.T. and software solutions.  Sometimes the elegant, beautiful, artistic and aesthetic options don’t come with the supportability or readily available expertise to make them practical. Maybe it’s a case of, like Henry Ford bringing cars to the people by providing them in any colour they liked, as long as it was black. Maybe sometimes we are settling for less, maybe sometimes we take what we can get / afford, but maybe sometimes we just need to get the job done.

See this article for more details and some colourful follow up – any post about Microsoft in Tech news brings out the trolls.

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